Ghostly Bodies

And now for something different. This week’s photos started off as a class assignment and I used the occasion to try something new. I wanted to create some abstract nudes using long exposure with the help of two friends. I posted my eight favorites here. I was unable to secure a studio space for the … Continue reading

Portrait Shoot with Dazzletine

Hey everyone, Here are some sweet photos I shot for local Pittsburgh rock band Dazzletine. They’ve been getting a lot of buzz since they were featured in the City Paper back in November so lead singer Dan Koshute called me up for a promotional shoot. Although I’ve been photographing Dazzletine for a year this is … Continue reading

Photographing for the Jews

Good news everyone, After nearly a year on hiatus I finally got a photo published in a real newspaper. Earlier this week I completed my first assignment for the Jewish Chronicle of Pittsburgh. The J-Chronic, as I like to call it, doesn’t have the same international reach as the Pitt News or the Original Magazine, … Continue reading

Andre the Aspiring Stunt Man

Andre Crews is a bartender at a pub in Shadyside I like to frequent. Late one night a few weeks ago as I was getting ready to go to sleep I got a text from my friend Brendan. He was at the bar and said that Andre was looking to become a stunt man and … Continue reading

An Afternoon With Brendan

This photo shoot ended up being completely different than what I originally envisioned. Due to a series of technical mishaps what should have been a body paint shoot ended up being a simple photo session with my friend Brendan Sullivan. I had hoped to experiment with a multiple light setup but I’m not one to … Continue reading

Body Paint 4: I Painted the Sky on her Body

Happy New Years everyone! I have some great photos to share with you for my first post of the year. After more than two months I finally completed another shoot for my body paint photo series. This week’s theme was inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night. It is the most detailed design I have … Continue reading

Body Paint 3. Autumn Colors

Yesterday I did the third shoot in my body painting series out in Frick Park. As some of you know, I am working on a photo series throughout the year that involves painting people in various color schemes. I started the project mostly to have some creative fun but also to gain experience with portraiture … Continue reading

Stalking the Night with Derek

Earlier this week I did the second photo shoot in my body painting series with my good friend Derek. I based this idea around a costume Derek created for Halloween two years ago. Part of my reasoning for doing this series is to practice with off camera flash so this shoot I wanted to try … Continue reading

Photo Shoot with C.H.R.I.S. and a Lambo

Here’s another photo shoot from earlier in the summer. It was my pleasure to work with Local Pittsburgh hip-hop artist Chris Mitchell aka C.H.R.I.S. (Coordinating Higher Riches Infinitely Shining). We did this shoot on top of Mt. Washington overlooking downtown Pittsburgh and were fortunate enough to have a Lamborghini available for the shoot. At first … Continue reading

Painting My Way into Fine Art

Last week I did my first serious entry into fine art photography with a photo shoot involving body paint. Earlier in the summer a friend asked me for some art work for his home and rather than print some old stuff of mine I decided to try something new. I had this idea to paint … Continue reading