Ghostly Bodies

And now for something different. This week’s photos started off as a class assignment and I used the occasion to try something new. I wanted to create some abstract nudes using long exposure with the help of two friends. I posted my eight favorites here.

I was unable to secure a studio space for the day but a roommate of mine moved out some weeks ago and I had a nice big empty room instead. For lighting we mainly used natural daylight. Since long exposures can only work in low lighting we tried to reduce the sunlight by blocking the windows with cardboard and a bed sheet.

For many of my shots I also used a speed light diffused through an umbrella. I tried a long exposure and flash combo in a previous shoot that didn’t work as I wanted but I thought I’d give it another go. The flash creates the more solid figures within the abstract movements. I had some idea of what these photos might look like but I really didn’t know. This shoot was mostly a ‘move and see what happens’ kind of shoot. I’m pleased with the way they came out and you can certainly expect more of these kinds of photos in the future.

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© Copyright Ohad Cadji 2012. All rights reserved.

One Response to “Ghostly Bodies”
  1. The eye is still really incredible.

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