February House Show

  Photos from a Valantine’s Day house show featuring the bands, Modern Savages and Wreck Loose.       All images copyrighted © Ohad Cadji Photography 2014. All rights reserved. Like what you see? Keep up on Ohad’s work by following him on Twitter @OCadji or on Facebook at Ohad Cadji Photography   Advertisements

Portrait of an Artist: Julie Mallis

  Julie Mallis is one of the coolest people I know. She and I grew up down the street from each other in the suburbs of Philly and then we each made our ways across the state to the city of Pittsburgh. Julie is an educator and talented artist, whose work has been displayed all … Continue reading

Outtakes from a Frick Park Frolic.

A month ago during a break in the bitter cold weather, I went on a walk through Frick Park with my beautiful friend Jes. Here are some surreal photos from the day. All images copyrighted © Ohad Cadji Photography 2014. All rights reserved. Like what you see? Keep up on Ohad’s work by following him … Continue reading

Fun Times with the Pittsburgh Canning Exchange

Canning is an old food preservation technique which is experiencing a revival as part of the local food movement. Many people have taking up the practice to keep the food they buy at farmers markets from spoiling so it can be enjoyed over the colder months. In Pittsburgh, canning is being promoted by a new … Continue reading


Struggling through this blizzard I can hear it following me. When I look around I can see a faint outline fade in and out of the falling snow. It’s almost dusk and I can no longer feel my toes. I may not last the night.     All images copyrighted © Ohad Cadji Photography 2014. … Continue reading

Winter Compositions I

First abstract series of 2014. Winter Compositions I.

Abstract Landscapes in Monochrome

Black and white versions of some of my abstract landscapes. Most of my abstracts don’t translate to monochrome very well but these ones look pretty cool. More like charcoal drawings than photographs.     All images copyrighted © Ohad Cadji Photography 2013. All rights reserved. Like what you see? You can get more updates by … Continue reading

A Ghost in the Park

One cool October evening my friend Jesca Leigh and I went to Schenley Park to make some abstract photos amongst the foliage. The shoot was candid and we experimented to create an aesthetic for a potential project. Here are some of the shots we came back with.   All images copyrighted © Ohad Cadji Photography … Continue reading

Studio Time With Jessie

Hey everyone, meet Jessie. Sometimes when I have a bit of free time I’ve been opening up the studio and inviting friends over for some fun photo sessions. Jessie wanted to see what it’s like to be in a professional shoot so a few weeks ago we met up. Here are my favorite shots.   … Continue reading

Hanging in the Studio with Mimi and Nur

Last week I got to spend some time in the studio with some old friends of mine from my university days. One of my favorite classes at the University of Pittsburgh was Turkish, which was made up of a small group of fun and interesting people. Nur (above) taught the class and Mimi was a … Continue reading