Impromptu Photoshoot with SleepyV

So Saturday evening I get a text from my friend Derek (whom I shot earlier this summer) asking if I could take some photos for his band Sleepy V. They’re being featured in Smokescreen Magazine and needed some sweet band photos for the story. I wasn’t really sure how I was going to shoot these photos. I only had a large speedlight that was heavy and inflexible and I didn’t know what kind of lighting I was going to work with. In the end I decided to just shoot with available light, although I brought my reflector just in case.

We met up yesterday in front of the Carnegie Mellon Institute and took some shots there then moved over to the atrium in Pitt’s Frick Fine Arts Building. I did not regret using only available light as the photos were all shot in the shadows of buildings. This worked to our advantage as there was enough daylight to get decent exposures while being evenly diffused.

The group portrait above is my favorite shot of the day. It was taken inside the portico of the Carnegie Mellon Institute. I like the way the band members are posing in staggered positions while the background symmetry gives some balance to the image.

My next favorite photo is the individual portrait of John on the trumpet. The colors complement each other pretty well and his blue sweater makes him stand out.

I like the composition of the group shot in the atrium but  it could be improved. I would have liked to have John’s entire arm in the shot but as I was against the wall this was as much as I could fit in the frame. I could have moved the frame to the left a bit but I wanted some space past Dom and Derek on the right.

If you want to learn more about Sleepy V you can check out their site here.

All images copyright © 2011 Ohad Cadji Photography

One Response to “Impromptu Photoshoot with SleepyV”
  1. Terry Vercammen says:

    Great Job Ohad Cadji, moms LOVE this kind of stuff!! Thanks! GPV’s mama

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