Portrait of an Artist: Julie Mallis

  Julie Mallis is one of the coolest people I know. She and I grew up down the street from each other in the suburbs of Philly and then we each made our ways across the state to the city of Pittsburgh. Julie is an educator and talented artist, whose work has been displayed all … Continue reading

The Nite-Nite Show with Matt Day

This past Friday I participated in a cool photo project started by Pittsburgh photographers Laura Petrilla and Brian Kaldorf. Starting this summer, they turn Laura’s Lawrencville studio into a photo gallery with a different themed show every other month. The photo above was part of the 12 x 12 Show, in which 24 local photographers … Continue reading

A Mime Discovers a Device

This week I would like to present to you a first in my artistic career. The following photos make up my first attempt at creating a coherent storyline using a series of images. While working on my body paint series I thought of an offshoot project involving mimes and this idea probably evolved from that. … Continue reading

Ghostly Bodies

And now for something different. This week’s photos started off as a class assignment and I used the occasion to try something new. I wanted to create some abstract nudes using long exposure with the help of two friends. I posted my eight favorites here. I was unable to secure a studio space for the … Continue reading


This week marked the first shoot in another long term project in collaboration with Roxanne Fedrow. Roxanne will be going to cosmetology school this year and we are putting together some conceptual make-up/portrait work. Our model this week was the beautiful Hope. This shoot is one of our simpler concepts, the purpose of which was … Continue reading

Photoshoot with Molly

I went home to Philadelphia a few weeks ago to visit with family and to celebrate Passover. While I was there I had some free time and met up with my old friend Molly at her apartment downtown for a quick photo shoot. Molly’s apartment had a nice sky light in the ceiling, allowing me … Continue reading

Andre the Movie Star

Back in January my friend and bar tender Andre Crews asked me to take some head shots for his budding film career as a stunt man. Well, its been only three months and Andre has already worked as a model and gotten some minor extra rolls in several films. He is now moving to Philly … Continue reading

Dazzletine at Brillobox

Saturday night I got to shoot Dazzletine in concert again at another of their crazy shows at Brillobox in Lawrenceville. Dazzletine is a local Pittsburgh band that has a glam rock-influenced visual look and puts on a very strong live performance. Brillobox, like most small venues in the ‘Burgh, has terrible lighting so I used … Continue reading

Body Paint 4: I Painted the Sky on her Body

Happy New Years everyone! I have some great photos to share with you for my first post of the year. After more than two months I finally completed another shoot for my body paint photo series. This week’s theme was inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night. It is the most detailed design I have … Continue reading


Last night local glam rock band Dazzletine rocked out with a large crowd of rowdy yinzers at Garfield Artworks on Penn Ave. The show marked the release of their first album which was recently featured in the City Paper. Here are some sick photos of the show. Garfield Artworks is a pretty dark place and … Continue reading