Painting My Way into Fine Art

Last week I did my first serious entry into fine art photography with a photo shoot involving body paint. Earlier in the summer a friend asked me for some art work for his home and rather than print some old stuff of mine I decided to try something new. I had this idea to paint a model in black paint for a while now and thought it would be a great concept to try out.

The shoot took place at Pittsburgh Filmmakers where I was assisted by my friend Mandy Kendall while Jamie Martina (whom I’ve worked with before) agreed to model for us.

Most of the photo shoot was lit by one speedlight diffused with a shoot-through umbrella at camera right, with an occasional use of a reflector at camera left. We also had an sb-24 flash slaved to the speedlight but I didn’t really like the results. A special thanks to Ferdinand Fernando for providing the main light.

Overall I’m pleased with the results of the shoot. I actually want to expand the series to include more people and various color schemes. The one thing I think was problematic with this shoot was the lack of time. Applying body paint is a very time consuming process and the paint is not as clean or intricate as I’d hoped. Something to keep in mind in the future.

All images copyrighted © Ohad Cadji Photography 2011


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