Impromptu Photoshoot with SleepyV

So Saturday evening I get a text from my friend Derek (whom I shot earlier this summer) asking if I could take some photos for his band Sleepy V. They’re being featured in Smokescreen Magazine and needed some sweet band photos for the story. I wasn’t really sure how I was going to shoot these … Continue reading

Wandering Through the City

Hi everyone, This week I put together a series of photos for you of various snapshots from my excursions around Pittsburgh over the summer. I haven’t had that many photo projects this month so I put this collection together and I think it looks pretty cool. For the most part, these images represent scenes I … Continue reading

Vintage Cars at the Ol’ Grand Prix

About a month ago Pittsburgh hosted its annual Vintage Grand Prix in Schenley Park. The city converted some of the park roads into a race track while the golf course grounds were used to hold hundreds of rare and antique vehicles. I used the opportunity to experiment with different toning processes and I was satisfied … Continue reading

Picture Time with the Dams

A few weekends ago I braved the heat with the Dam family for an afternoon family photo shoot in Frick Park. The Dams came in from Youngstown, OH for the day to visit their daughter Rachel, who you may remember from this photo shoot. Temperature aside, the weather was nice and everyone was please with … Continue reading

OMG, Look at this Baby!

Last week I went home to Philadelphia for my father’s 50th birthday party. It was a big family event many of my aunts, uncles and cousins came in from as far as California and Israel for a few days. The adorable little kid in these here photos is my youngest cousin Zev. He’s only a … Continue reading

The Flaming Lips, a Year Later

Every once in a while I like to look through my old photos when I’m feeling nostalgic and have nothing else to do. The way you view a photo changes over time and some images gleaned over or ignored can pop out like hidden gems years later. A year ago this month I covered the … Continue reading