An Afternoon With Brendan

This photo shoot ended up being completely different than what I originally envisioned. Due to a series of technical mishaps what should have been a body paint shoot ended up being a simple photo session with my friend Brendan Sullivan.

I had hoped to experiment with a multiple light setup but I’m not one to give up when I don’t get everything to work my way so we ended up having a fun shoot with just one strobe light and a softbox. I’m pretty pleased with the results and realized that I really enjoy using a single light source for my photos.

Nothing says ‘Fuck you! I’m punching myself in the face!’ like this photo.

These next few shots were made by placing the light with the softbox behind Brendan and facing the camera. I really like this lighting technique and will probably use it in upcoming projects.

Brendan is a writer and occasional blogger. Tell him to update is blog at The Insinuations.


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