Awesome Links

Below you will find some links to noteworthy people, photographers and organizations.

Cool People:

Dean Cercone

Pittsburgh Artist and Musician

Andrew Daub


Christen DiClaudio

Blogger at Mod Cloth.

Keith Gillogly

Writer and former Pitt News journalist.

Weenta Girmay

Pittsburgh writer and community organizer.

Bryan Heller


Caitlin Magarity

Photographer and videographer in Philadelphia.

Julie Mallis

Pittsburgh artist and fellow Cheltenham transplant.

Julie Sokolow

Pittsburgh artist, musician and filmmaker. Creator of the Healthy Artists advocacy film series.

Brendan Sullivan

Writer, former editor with the Original Magazine, current roommate.

Vaughn Wallace

Photographer and editor with TIME‘s Lightroom photo blog.

Arthur Wessel


Vivid Faction

Local artist community blog curated by Gene Vercammen

Pittsburgh Photographers:

John Altdorfer

Ben Filio

Ferdinand Fernando

Jim Judkis

Brian Kaldorf

Richard Kelly

Mandy Kendall

Jon Lisbon

Andrea London

Chuck Nacke

Laura Petrilla

Mark Perrott

Anthony Roscoe

Ag Works

Photographers/Websites About Photography:

Lynsey Addario

Zack Arias

Timothy Archibald

Mary Ellen Mark

Elliott Erwitt

Chase Jarvis

Art Kane

Joey L.

Steve McCurry

This guy influenced me to take up photography. I remember seeing his images in National Geographic as a young kid.

Joe McNally

Alex Prager

Damon Winter

Dan Winters

Jim Marshall


Its like a higher quality version of Flickr but with less bullshit. For now at least.

Digital Photography School

If you are new to photography this site is full of helpful articles.

Feature Shoot

A great site that frequently publishes interesting photo projects.

Guess the Lighting

A neat blog where photographer Ted Sabarese creates diagrams dissecting the lighting used to create famous images.


One of the premier educational photo blogs out there. Photographer David Hobby posts educational articles about creatively using flashes to make stunning images.


Similar to Guess the Lighting, users upload photos and create diagrams showing how they lit their images.

You Are Not a Photographer

A great site if you want to know what not to do in photography. This site calls out bad photographers that market themselves as “professionals.”


August Ruins


Legs Like Tree Trunks

Ivory Weeds


Sleepy V


Habonim Dror

Jewish progressive Zionist organization. I spent my youth at one of their summer camps outside Philadelphia.

Healthy Artists

A documentary series produced by Julie Sokolow to promote healthcare reform by focusing on the difficulties of independent artists to afford adequate health coverage.

The Original Magazine

A student produced arts and entertainment magazine I was part of during college at the University of Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Filmmakers

An organization that provides resources and classes for photography and film making.

Monalloh Foundry

A collective that is fostering communication between the various artist and music communities in Pittsburgh.

Sampsonia Way

An online publication that promotes literary freedom by publishing the work of writers who are often censored and persecuted in their own countries.

Sprout Fund

An organization that provides funding to innovative and creative projects that foster community engagement in the Pittsburgh region.

Other Cool Things:

Bridge City Bombshells

A friend of mine is part of this burlesque dance troupe. You can usually see them perform at Cattivo in Lawrenceville on Friday evenings.

The Global Edition

An online satirical news paper occasionally featuring witty articles by former Pitt Newser David Ross.

Judge Dreadlocks

A blog about white-people dreadlocks.

Steel Town Fire

Pittsburgh’s premier fire arts performance troupe.


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