Fire in Schenley Plaza

No, Schenley Plaza did not burn to the ground. You can relax, everything is just fine. Yesterday I watched members of Steel Town Fire, a local fire arts troupe perform in Schenley Plaza during the annual WYEP Music Festival. I first covered STF back in September for an article in the Original Magazine. The stunts … Continue reading

Lamborghini Murcielago

This past Friday I shot some promotional photos for C.H.R.I.S., a local Pittsburgh hip-hop artist, up on Mt. Washington. We had the good fortune of having a Lamborghini Murcielago available for the shoot. I’ll have some photos from the photo shoot up later this week but in the mean time enjoy this sweet photo of … Continue reading

Jamie and the Graffiti Lot

Good evening everyone, I have another portrait session here for your enjoyment. Yesterday I had a great shoot with my friend and fellow photographer Jamie Martina. We went to an abandoned lot just behind Pittsburgh Filmmakers on Melwood Ave that was covered in old graffiti. At some point the wall of the building was covered … Continue reading

Portrait Series with Rachel

Hey everyone, I have another awesome photo shoot for you all. This weekend I got to work with the wonderful Rachel Dam at her apartment. The living room had some huge windows providing us with a lot of excellent natural light. We shot a few photos with flash but I’m still trying to get the … Continue reading

Photoshoot at the Fountain

Yesterday I had a portrait session with the amazingly awesome Amanda C. at the fountain in front of the Frick Fine Arts building of the University of Pittsburgh. The shoot lasted about an hour and took place between 6 and 7pm. Most of these images were shot using natural light. I had hoped to use … Continue reading

Photos from Kopec’s Korner now on Flickr

If you want to see more photos from Saturday’s show at Kopec’s Korner, you can find them on my flickr page. Ohad’s Flickr Page

Show at Kopec’s Korner

This was a very music filled week. On Saturday five bands performed at Kopec’s Korner in Lawrenceville. Brothers, Club Banger, Boyfriend Material and Dub Skanky of Pittsburgh and the Please and Thank You’s out of Chicago. This shoot involved a few firsts for me: My first show with scantily clad gents in Star Wars-themed underpants. … Continue reading

SleepyV, Caitlin Magarity, and the Honeymoon at 31st Street Pub

This past Friday I had the chance to see SleepyV perform at 31st Street Pub in the Strip District. SleepyV is one of the many new bands in the revitalizing local Pittsburgh music scene. They were opened by Caitlin Magarity, another local singer, and the Honeymoon from Columbus, OH. You can check out SleepyV at … Continue reading

The 1’s and 2’s Perform at Gene’s Place

Last Wednesday, June 1, a local hip-hop group called the 1’s and 2’s put on a show at Gene’s Place in Oakland. Here are some of my photos from the show. A few notes about this shoot: The lighting at Genes was pretty low and it was hard to focus on the MCs while they … Continue reading