Andre the Aspiring Stunt Man

Andre Crews is a bartender at a pub in Shadyside I like to frequent. Late one night a few weeks ago as I was getting ready to go to sleep I got a text from my friend Brendan. He was at the bar and said that Andre was looking to become a stunt man and needed head shot photos. A few days later Andre and I got together and created these photos. I am very pleased with the way the torso photos turned out. They were lit with one small strobe light diffused with a DIY beautiy dish. I built the beauty dish back in October and this was the first time I got to use it. A beauty dish is a bowl-shaped lighting tool used to diffuse the light from camera flashes by directing the light to a central point then evenly gradating outwards in a smooth circular shape. Needless to say, Andre was happy with the resulting images and I hear he may soon be in some ads in a city near you.

You can get Andre to mix you drinks at South Aiken Bar and Grill in Shadyside, Pittsburgh PA.


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