A Fire Burns in the City

  Happy new years! Here is the first of many amazing posts in 2014. As the northern half of the US begins the new year braving harsh snow and low temperatures, I’ve gone back to a shoot I did in the slightly warmer month of November. My roommate Ben, a poi performer put on a … Continue reading

Dr. Dog Performs for a Bunch of Yinzers

One of the best things about living in Pittsburgh in the summer is all the cool events happening around the city, especially since many of them are free. This Friday I got to go to WYEP’s Summer Music Festival in Oakland. WYEP is a local public radio station and they’ve been hosting this free concert … Continue reading

Fire in Schenley Plaza

No, Schenley Plaza did not burn to the ground. You can relax, everything is just fine. Yesterday I watched members of Steel Town Fire, a local fire arts troupe perform in Schenley Plaza during the annual WYEP Music Festival. I first covered STF back in September for an article in the Original Magazine. The stunts … Continue reading