February House Show

  Photos from a Valantine’s Day house show featuring the bands, Modern Savages and Wreck Loose.       All images copyrighted © Ohad Cadji Photography 2014. All rights reserved. Like what you see? Keep up on Ohad’s work by following him on Twitter @OCadji or on Facebook at Ohad Cadji Photography   Advertisements


Hey there fellow readers, Long time no see. It’s been a while since I’ve posted here but I’ll have some fun postings up in the coming days. Here are some shots of a brand new Pittsburgh band calling themselves Netizen. Formed by SleepyV alumni Gene P Vercammen and Ben Greenfield, the band had their debut … Continue reading

Unity Night with Dazzletine.

  Hello friends. Earlier this month I once again had the honor of photographing local rock band Dazzletine during their Unity Night show at 6119, in East Liberty. The show went late into the night and drew a large crowd. As usual, Dazzletine put on an amazing performance. They played some of their classic songs … Continue reading

Dazzletine House Show

Last week I saw one of my favorite local Pittsburgh bands, Dazzletine, play at a small house show. Long time readers know I cover this band often, but this is actually the first time I’ve seen them perform for some time. As usual, they put on a great performance and here are some shots from … Continue reading


A few days ago I posted some photos of a rowdy mosh pit during Strugglefish’s final show. Here are some shots from the rest of the small music festival known as Strugglefest at 222 Ormsby in Mt. Oliver. I didn’t shoot every band that played but I got most of them. Check them out. Latecomer … Continue reading

Moshing Mash on Ormsby

This past weekend I went to my first shows at 222 Ormsby way up in Mt. Oliver. I’ve known about the small venue for a few months now but since it was so far away I had never bothered to go there. Local musician, Dick Tony (AKA Plots), put together a music festival of sorts … Continue reading

Original Shows on Penn Avenue

Last Friday kicked off an exciting weekend with the North x Midwest showcase on Penn Avenue. The Original Magazine hosted eight bands at two venues, Garfield Artworks and Assemble, with bands playing at alternate times between both locations. The bands in these photos are Too Young, Legs Like Tree Trunks and Rivka.

Fancy Lights at the East Liberty YMCA

Earlier this week I got a Facebook invite to some shindig happening in East Liberty this weekend at the old YMCA. Not having any other plans this weekend, I naturally picked up my camera and headed over on Thursday. When I got there, the model release forms and an abundance of vitaminwater lead me to … Continue reading

The Flaming Lips, a Year Later

Every once in a while I like to look through my old photos when I’m feeling nostalgic and have nothing else to do. The way you view a photo changes over time and some images gleaned over or ignored can pop out like hidden gems years later. A year ago this month I covered the … Continue reading

Legs Like Tree Trunks

Here are some photos from the Legs Like Tree Trunks show at Spice Cafe in Oakland last Friday. You can check out their music here. All images copyright © 2011 Ohad Cadji Photography