Portrait of an Artist: Julie Mallis

  Julie Mallis is one of the coolest people I know. She and I grew up down the street from each other in the suburbs of Philly and then we each made our ways across the state to the city of Pittsburgh. Julie is an educator and talented artist, whose work has been displayed all … Continue reading

The Fairy Queen of the Fireflies

Photos taken in Frick Park for a fairytale-themed photo gallery at Miss L Photography. The above photo was submitted for the show. A special thanks to Hope Vannucci, Richard Sean McIntyre and Mandy Kendall for helping with the shoot.   All images copyrighted © Ohad Cadji Photography 2013. All rights reserved. Like what you see? … Continue reading


Rivka is another friend of mine to stop by the studio. She has modeled a few times for other friends of hers and we had spoken about doing a shoot together some time ago. It was my first time working with her and I thought she did a really great job. Unfortunately I won’t be … Continue reading

Studio Time With Jessie

Hey everyone, meet Jessie. Sometimes when I have a bit of free time I’ve been opening up the studio and inviting friends over for some fun photo sessions. Jessie wanted to see what it’s like to be in a professional shoot so a few weeks ago we met up. Here are my favorite shots.   … Continue reading

Hanging in the Studio with Mimi and Nur

Last week I got to spend some time in the studio with some old friends of mine from my university days. One of my favorite classes at the University of Pittsburgh was Turkish, which was made up of a small group of fun and interesting people. Nur (above) taught the class and Mimi was a … Continue reading

Another Wonderful Shoot with Deserée

Hi friends I have some good news to tell: I finally got studio space in Pittsburgh! The Shadyside location is small and I share it with two other photographers, but it’s nice to have a real workspace to go at my convenience. To inaugurate the new location I met up with Deserée again for another … Continue reading

Retro Beehive

Last weekend Roxanne Fedrow and I got back together for a retro themed photo shoot. My friend Sarah modeled for us and Roxanne gave her sort of a sixties beehive hair style. Somehow this shoot ended up with a bored housewife feel. It wasn’t what I originally planned but the idea came up during setup … Continue reading

A Mime Discovers a Device

This week I would like to present to you a first in my artistic career. The following photos make up my first attempt at creating a coherent storyline using a series of images. While working on my body paint series I thought of an offshoot project involving mimes and this idea probably evolved from that. … Continue reading

Body Paint 3. Autumn Colors

Yesterday I did the third shoot in my body painting series out in Frick Park. As some of you know, I am working on a photo series throughout the year that involves painting people in various color schemes. I started the project mostly to have some creative fun but also to gain experience with portraiture … Continue reading

Portrait Series with Rachel

Hey everyone, I have another awesome photo shoot for you all. This weekend I got to work with the wonderful Rachel Dam at her apartment. The living room had some huge windows providing us with a lot of excellent natural light. We shot a few photos with flash but I’m still trying to get the … Continue reading