Inside the Belly of a Decaying Machine

Rusting Pipes

This is the Carrie Furnace. Operating from 1884 until 1982, it was one of the many blast furnaces which dotted Western Pennsylvania until the collapse of the region’s steel industry.

Now a state park, what’s left of the steel mill is occasionally open to the public. Recently I got access to photograph the ruins through Ag Works, a local photographers collective, for a few hours and came away with some amazing shots.



Poison IvyThis area was covered in poison Ivy.

Ruin in the Tall Grass

Controls?     Slag CartThis rail car was used to transport molten metal to the steel plant across the Monongahela River.

Slag Cart

Slag Cart

The Wall

A Dancer was HereThese shoes were left from a photo shoot for a ballet production.

The DeerThis deer head was built a few years ago by local artists who sneaked into the site and is constructed out of material strewn around the the ruins.

A Tree on the RoofWhy yes, that is a tree growing out the top of a building.

Hidden Gear


Metal Forest



Rusted Wheel

Here there was Steam



3 Responses to “Inside the Belly of a Decaying Machine”
  1. Scott Mihalsky says:

    Great Pics of Carrie Furnace

  2. Scott Mihalsky says:

    How can a person join the next photo trip to the Carrie Furnace? Please let me know Thanks Scott.

    • Ohad Cadji says:

      Thanks Scott.

      You will have to contact Rivers of Steel about accessing the furnace. They are the organization that owns the site. The Silver Eye Center for Photography also organizes tours for its members.

      Ag Works, a photographers collective which I am part of, got permission to enter the site but it isn’t something we frequently do.

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