Another Wonderful Shoot with Deserée


Hi friends I have some good news to tell: I finally got studio space in Pittsburgh! The Shadyside location is small and I share it with two other photographers, but it’s nice to have a real workspace to go at my convenience. To inaugurate the new location I met up with Deserée again for another fun shoot and below are my favorite photos from the shoot. I wanted to create an old Hollywood movie star feel, and while I’m happy with the results below, its something that needs to be worked on.

I’d like to thank Mark Boggs, a classmate of mine, for coming over with some of his equipment and assisting me for the day.





The studio has a bunch of backdrops and props. I liked the one above because it looks sort of like the set from a movie.



The wall around the staircase outside the studio was a bright yellow and I wanted to see what it would look like to use it as a background. Around noon the steel beams supporting the skylight cast some interesting shadows creating these awesome stripes on the walls. The shadows were quite a pleasant surprise. It was cloudy the previous times I was at the studio so they weren’t visible. We actually didn’t see them until two thirds of the way through the shoot when we went out to get some shots with the yellow wall as a background.



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