A New Portrait Shoot with Gianna


Hi friends, it’s been a while, but here is another blog post to start off the new year. Last weekend I got to do a shoot with two awesome ladies. The lovely face you see here belongs to Gianna Paniagua, a studio arts major at Pitt and former co-staffer at the Original Magazine. Gianna’s make-up was wonderfully done by Roxanne Fedrow. Here are some of my favorite shots.

Roxanne is currently going to cosmetology school and is putting a portfolio together of her work. We’ve worked together on a few shoots before and will be collaborating throughout the year.

Gianna is in her final year at Pitt and spent the summer working on an art project in Wyoming. Her work will be exhibited at the Frick Fine Arts Building starting next week on January 23. If you’re in Pittsburgh you should go see it.


We started off shooting with flash, but quickly moved on to natural lighting. The shot above was done with two lights. One to light Gianna’s face and another from the left to highlight her hair.


We did the shoot at my apartment which has off-white, textured walls and a gigantic window to let in a ton of natural daylight for most of the day. That day the cloudy weather provided us with beautiful soft diffused light.






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All images © copyrighted Ohad Cadji all rights reserved.


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