A Massacre of Crows

The technical term for a flock of crows is a murder of crows.

A massacre of crows is a term I made up to describe the convergence of several large murders into one super murder; an amazing and eerie event strait out of a Hitchcock thriller, which I witnessed recently near my apartment.

Beginning in late October, Pittsburgh is inundated with thousands of migrating crows, many of which stay through the winter. Earlier this week I discovered that the crows had chosen a section of the ravine by my home as a nesting ground, a place to spend the night. Every morning they break up into their respective murders and fly off in different directions and shortly before sunset they all return to the trees along the East End busway.

Earlier this week I went over to a nearby bridge and photographed the crows returning to roost before dusk. There must have been over 40 thousand crows, and that’s probably a conservative estimate. If you live in Pittsburgh and want to see an amazing spectacle, head over to the Millvale Bridge connecting Bloomfield to North Oakland. For everyone else, here are some sweet photos.

One Response to “A Massacre of Crows”
  1. Fuzz says:

    Every year. Unbelievable.

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