Moshing Mash on Ormsby

This past weekend I went to my first shows at 222 Ormsby way up in Mt. Oliver. I’ve known about the small venue for a few months now but since it was so far away I had never bothered to go there. Local musician, Dick Tony (AKA Plots), put together a music festival of sorts called Strugglefest featuring several bands from Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

Another day I will put up a post on those bands but tonight is only about Strugglefish. The hardcore punk band played their “final” show together at Ormsby, this being their fifth “final” show in two years.* Below you will find some shots of the intense moshing by the fans during Strugglefish’s set. I’ve been to a few shows where the audience began to mosh and this was one of the most intense. Fortunately I was able to get out unhurt and with a still functioning camera.

Hope you enjoy the photos and maybe I’ll get some more at their next final show.

*(Correction: this was their sixth final show in three years)

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