Baseball with the Buccos

Hi all, long time no see. I need to do a better job updating this blog.

Anyway, I got some awesome photos for you today. Last week was Jewish Heritage Night with the Pittsburgh Pirates and I was fortunate enough to get press credentials to shoot the game for the Jewish Chronicle. And what a game it was! After a strong start to the season the Pirates went back to their trademark losing streak and I expected the game against the St. Louis Cardinals to be boring at best to disappointing at worst. Instead the Bucs crushed the Cardinals 9-0 and Pedro Alvarez hit a home run out of the park.

Here are some of my personal favorite shots from the evening. I’m not much of a sports shooter but I think I did pretty well that night.

Pedro Alvarez and Andrew McCutchen having a chat before the game.

Jose Tabata running to Third Base

Tabata sliding into Home to give the Pirates their first point.

Pedro Alvarez

Josh Harrison running Home….

…And slamming into Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina. (BTW, I was the only photographer in my media dugout to get this shot. Everyone else got the butt belonging to the guy on the left.)

Injury time out.

Pirates Pitcher James McDonald.

Travis Snyder hitting a fowl. (I’m pretty proud of this shot. Its not often you get a shot of ball on bat action.)

McCutchen hitting a double.

Harrison congradulating Alvarez after he hit his first home run of the evening. (Unfortunately I didn’t get any good shots of Alvarez hitting his homers.)

McCutch in the outfield. (I migrated to the stands after the fifth inning.)

Alvarez after hitting his second home run out of the park.

As I was at the game for Jewish Heritage Night, here are some photos of the Jews:

The Temple Sinai Choir singing the National Anthem in the outfield.

President and CEO of the Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh Jeffrey Finkelstein throwing the first pitch.

This gentleman here is Josh Avart. He works for the Pirates and organized Jewish Heritage Night for us.

Members of J’Burgh, a Jewish networking group for young adults in the Pittsburgh area.



*I’d like to give a special thanks to Alex Jones for letting me use his telephoto lens to shoot the game.

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