A Mime Discovers a Device

This week I would like to present to you a first in my artistic career. The following photos make up my first attempt at creating a coherent storyline using a series of images. While working on my body paint series I thought of an offshoot project involving mimes and this idea probably evolved from that. The story started out as a short comic strip filled with stick figures that I sketched out in my drawing pad. It definitely streamlined the photo shoot as I was able to quickly compose my shots.

The premise of the story of the story is that of a mime finding an electronic device on a table and tries to figure out what it is. Scroll down to see what happens…

I would like to thank Arthur Wessel for assisting with the lighting, Gianna Paniagua for makeup and the wonderful Jesca Leigh for her performance as the Mime.
Lighting was created by two White Lightnings fired into silver umbrellas behind me. I wanted to recreate the feel of natural window light so I placed the flashes beside the large window in my living room. The White Lightnings were slaved to a hot shoe flash placed on the left of the room, which was also used to bounce light off the ceiling to provide some fill light. The shot in the bathroom was lit by  just the hot shoe flash bouncing off the ceiling while being held by Arthur behind the shower curtain.

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All images copyright © Ohad Cadji 2012. All rights reserved.


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