Dr. Dog Performs for a Bunch of Yinzers

One of the best things about living in Pittsburgh in the summer is all the cool events happening around the city, especially since many of them are free. This Friday I got to go to WYEP’s Summer Music Festival in Oakland. WYEP is a local public radio station and they’ve been hosting this free concert for fifteen years and have been able to bring some great acts to the city. Philly’s Dr. Dog headlined the show which drew thousands of people to Schenley Plaza.

One of the four acts to perform on Friday was Sharon Van Etten, who played right before the main act.

During the show I go a few abstract  photos of some members of Steel Town Fire performing poi. I saw them off to the side surrounded by a few onlookers and went over to get some quick shots.

As soon as Sharon finished her last song a crowd of Dr. Dog fans rushed to the front of the stage to see the headlining group. I was able to shoot at the front for the first few songs but then moved further to the back for more breathing room and to get some shots of the crowd.

As always, the show turned out great and I’m looking forward to next Summer’s concert.

One Response to “Dr. Dog Performs for a Bunch of Yinzers”
  1. I love that you like to take pictures of people taking pictures with their cell phones, and the image on the cell is the one in focus.

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