Burn Down the Waterfront!

This past Saturday Pittsburgh hosted what one hopes to be the first Pyrotopia fire festival down at the Waterfront near the Carrie Blast Furnace. Pyrotopia was the East Coast’s largest fire festival and featured many performers such as belly dancers, poi spinners and fire sculptures, including Pittsburgh’s own Steel Town Fire.

I was only there for a brief period but I got some amazing shots. Most of my shots were set to two-second long exposures which I used to create my own abstract light painting images.

This is a fire sculpture. Its basically a flamethrower pointed at the sky, or four as in this case.

This lady is spinning a flaming hula hoop.

This guy has a fire whip. Like the Balrog.

Speaking of Balrogs, here’s one right now.

I think this guy has fire swords. That’s right, I said FIRE SWORDS!

This one looks like a mermaid on fire.


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