Campus Superstar at the Carnegie

Two weekends ago Pittsburgh’s Hillel hosted its annual Campus Superstar final concert at the Carnegie Music Hall in Pittsburgh, PA. For the uninformed gentiles out there, Hillel is a Jewish organization found on or near many college campuses that provides a Jewish life and community for Jewish students away from home. Campus Superstar is like a college version of American Idol but with a smaller audience and more politically correct judges. I covered the show for the Jewish Chronicle and these are a few of my favorite shots.

The show was hosted by Jeopardy’s Jimmy McGuire. A Pittsburgh native, Jimmy has hosted Superstar several times. Here he is arriving on stage with a box of pizza.

CMU senior Annie Heise (above) won this year’s contest with her performance of “I (Who Have Nothing),” by Ben E. King.

For the show I rented a Nikkor 28-70mm f 2.8 zoom lens. I was having an issue getting flare in many of my shots during the show. You can see this in the above two photos. It was my first time using that lens and I’m wondering if the lens is more susceptible to flare. While flare is always a problem I didn’t have as many issues covering previous shows with different lenses.

Point Park freshman Brittany Taylor Dorazio reacting to the judges’ positive criticism of her performance of Queen’s ‘Somebody to Love.’ Also, Jimmy McGuire.

Annie Heise, reacts to winning the contest. Every audience member was given a card with multiple colors, each representing a different contestant (see below). The color with the most votes was the winner.

Is it me, or do large screens with people’s faces on them appear a bit dystopian? Below are some shots of 1984 Jimmy. Or, should I say, the Dear Leader, Jimmy McGuire.

Jimmy is watching all of you.


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