Andre the Movie Star

Back in January my friend and bar tender Andre Crews asked me to take some head shots for his budding film career as a stunt man. Well, its been only three months and Andre has already worked as a model and gotten some minor extra rolls in several films. He is now moving to Philly to work on a film project. Landing a role in film or TV is pretty hard and I would like to think that my photos had a hand in his fast rise in the industry.

I had to turn in a set of photos for my lighting class that were shot in a studio and it happened that Andre was looking for a few new photos. We got together last week and got these shots. All the photos were made using a white, seamless backdrop with two Profoto strobe lights. Andre was primarily lit with one light to his left and above diffused with a large, gridded beauty dish.  The other lamp was diffused with a softbox and was placed behind to the right and behind Andre and pointed towards the backdrop. I wanted to create a pure white background and was mostly successful although as you can see the light fades off towards the right of the images, much of which I cleaned up in post production. In the future I’ll try to get two lights to put on both sides.

Andre was again pleased with the photos. I’ll miss his jokes at the bar but look forward to seeing him on the screen, both big and small, soon. In the mean time, take a look at these photos so you can recognize this mug in the future.

One Response to “Andre the Movie Star”
  1. Fuzz says:

    Pure Boss.

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