Partying with J’Burgh, Purim Style

Hey everyone, this is my first post in a while, but I’ve been pretty busy and hope to put up a slew of new posts in the next few weeks.

Last week was the Jewish holiday of Purim and young Jews in Pittsburgh celebrated with J’Burgh down at S-Bar in Southside. Purim, for you goyim out there, is a bit like the a Jewish combination of Halloween and St. Patty’s Day. I don’t want to get into the history of the holiday, (you can read about it here) but basically it involves dressing in costume, drinking a lot, eating triangle cookies and making lots of noise. J’Burgh hosted a “red carpet”-themed party and asked me to cover the event for them. Here are some of my favorite pics from the party.

For much of the night I focused on capturing the moments that the multicolored club lights were moving over the crowd. It can be difficult to capture these shots as the lights move very fast and you have to anticipate the movement of the light. Usually the best way is to find a good angle and press the shutter to take multiple shots and hope that a few turn out well.


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