Electric Bikes Roam the Pittsburgh Streets

A few weeks ago I photographed Micah Toll, CEO of Pulse Motors for the Jewish Chronicle. This start-up by Pitt students has designed and built some nifty electric powered bicycles that are being beta-tested here in Pittsburgh. The guys at Pulse liked my photos so much that they asked me to shoot some promotional photos for them.

Like the previous shoot, these photos were taken outside Benedum Hall on Pitt’s campus mainly using natural lighting. Various angles in the building’s architecture lent itself for some interesting compositions with great leading lines.

The grey of the concrete also helps the blue of the bicycles stand out.

The design team behind Pulse Motors: Max (left), Thorin (center) and Micah (right).

The head shots below were taken indoors in front of a window. Shooting around windows can be difficult as it is hard to properly expose for your subject without over blowing the background. Plus you have to be careful not to get yourself or your flash reflecting in the glass. For these shots I exposed for the buildings outside then put on my flash to light the people. Rather than point the flash directly at them I pointed it at the ceiling and bounced it off the ceiling. This creates the soft diffused light that looks like it is lighting the subjects from above.


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