Occupy Pittsburgh

Earlier this week on Sunday I went downtown to mingle with the protesters involved with Occupy Pittsburgh. Their camp is located in a park owned by BNY Mellon, who asked them to leave by noon Sunday. In response the protesters held a press conference stating that they will defy the order and began cleaning up the camp and preparing for winter.

I stayed for a few hours after the press conference to chat with a few people and observe the happenings at the camp. Much of the activity that day revolved around setting up a massive tent for the kitchen. Afterwards they had a mock-raid where some activists acted out what would happen if the police raided the camp. My camera battery died soon after so I left.

I noticed that many of the protesters at the camp were a lot older than I expected. There were many middle aged and elderly people and a lot of military veterans. I only saw a few college-aged people.

Its been nearly a week since the camp was “evicted” by BNY Mellon but the city hasn’t taken action yet to remove the camp. Several people I spoke with were sure that the police were planning to kick them out but there is a lot of uncertainty over when or how it will happen. The movement in Pittsburgh has drawn little attention and I think the city would like to keep it that way. I would not be surprised if they waited until Christmas weekend with the hopes that fewer protesters will be around and people at home are preoccupied. I guess we’ll have to see what happens. If they are still around in a week I will probably head back down and talk to more people.


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