Fancy Lights at the East Liberty YMCA

Earlier this week I got a Facebook invite to some shindig happening in East Liberty this weekend at the old YMCA. Not having any other plans this weekend, I naturally picked up my camera and headed over on Thursday. When I got there, the model release forms and an abundance of vitaminwater lead me to realize I had stumbled into some kind of promotional event, the Vitaminwater Uncapped LIVE! Pittsburgh event to be precise, which you may have surmised was hosted by Vitmaminwater.

The three-day event was held in the gym of the old YMCA, a building which, until recently, had clearly been abandoned. This state of disrepair lent the concrete structure a post-apocalyptic bunker feel; an attractive quality if you’re into that thing. I attended the first two evenings of live music accompanied by vibrant lighting, including various images projected on the walls and ceiling. The acoustics were sub-par but this was less the fault of the bands and more to do with them performing in a giant cement cavern.

Overall I had a good time and even a flavored water or two. Now enough of my jibber jabber and lets look at some pictures.


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