The Flaming Lips, a Year Later

Every once in a while I like to look through my old photos when I’m feeling nostalgic and have nothing else to do. The way you view a photo changes over time and some images gleaned over or ignored can pop out like hidden gems years later.

A year ago this month I covered the Flaming Lips when they performed at the Trib Amphitheater in Pittsburgh’s Southside. This was my first big concert and I was super excited. I was shooting for the Pitt News and got a press pass letting me go right to the front of the stage. The Flaming Lips knew how to put on a show- the dancing, bright lights, strange shapes and vibrant colors was like a wet dream for a budding photographer such as myself.

Here are some of my favorite images from that concert. Enjoy.

All images copyrighted © 2011 Ohad Cadji Photography


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