Show at Kopec’s Korner

This was a very music filled week. On Saturday five bands performed at Kopec’s Korner in Lawrenceville. Brothers, Club Banger, Boyfriend Material and Dub Skanky of Pittsburgh and the Please and Thank You’s out of Chicago.

This shoot involved a few firsts for me:

  • My first show with scantily clad gents in Star Wars-themed underpants.
  • The first show I shot with an external flash.

These photos are directly from the camera, no post-processing involved. let me know what you think.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A few notes:

  • In general, it’s best to avoid using a flash during shows. The light gets in everyone’s eyes and blinds the performers, the flash is slow to recharge after each shot and the batteries run out very quickly.
  • That being said, the set was too dark to shoot without a flash. In fact, most of the time there were no lights on at all. The auto focus on my camera was practically useless and I focused manually for most of the show.
  • Many of my shots actually turned out to be pretty good. For most of the shots I bounced the flash off the ceiling. This means that the front of the flash was pointed upwards and the light was reflected off the ceiling, giving the photos a more even, less contrasty look.
  • Using flash also allowed me to shoot with a lower ISO, making the shots less grainy. I shot most of the show at ISO 500. With the flash I could also increase the f-stop to 5.6, giving me a higher depth of field and more room for error while focusing in the dark.

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